How to Clean up After Head Lice

How to Clean up After Head Lice? You know how annoying and itchy head lice can be if you’ve ever had them. But getting rid of them is only half the battle. You also have to clean up your house to ensure the lice are gone. What works and what doesn’t There are a few…

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Can African Americans Get Head Lice?

Can African Americans Get Head Lice? It has long been a myth that African Americans and those with similar hair textures can not get head lice. Unfortunately, this isn’t true. Those with natural hair can still get head lice the same as any other hair type. Let’s talk more about how African Americans can get…

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What to Do After Head Lice

little boy itching head from head lice

Head lice infestations are stressful and draining. No one wants to have head lice but once it happens everyone is simply happy for it to be over. But what happens now? What do you do once the lice are gone? As a lice clinic we are often asked what the next steps should be to…

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Pre-Holiday Lice Prevention

lice prevention

This year’s holiday season is already beginning to look a little different for many of us. With a national pandemic at hand the holiday stress can really add up this year. Head lice is the last thing you need on your holiday list. Unfortunately, the spread of head lice tend to increase during the holiday…

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Do Head Lice Spread in the Winter

head lice prevention

We get a lot of questions about head lice. One of the most common this time of year is, do head lice even spread in the winter? We understand a lot of other insects die off in the winter months, but unfortunately head lice are not one of them. Head lice spread in the winter…

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