Does Bleaching Your Hair Kill Head Lice?

hair dresser mixing a container of bleach in a black dish with a wire wisk

It seems like a great idea at first. You’ve read the list of aggressive sounding chemicals on the back of the box, and you think to yourself ‘this has to work’. Unfortunately bleaching your hair just isn’t enough to take care of a head lice infestation. 

Using Bleach to Kill Head Lice

For years people have been using bleach to kill head lice. The problem is hair dyes are not enough to treat lice. Head lice can close off their bodies and stop breathing for several hours, protecting themselves from the effects of the bleach. It only takes 45 minutes to an hour to bleach hair depending on the length and thickness.  Hair bleach contains strong chemicals like hydrogen peroxide, ammonium persulfate, and stearyl alcohol. Unfortunately, these chemicals still do not guarantee to kill all louse and will not penetrate the hard casings of nits. 

How to Treat Head Lice

Instead of using DIY options to treat head lice and nits it is better to try professional treatment. Over the counter treatments and DIY treatments often don’t remove the entire infestation, like hair bleach and dye. At Lice Clinics 805 our signature dehydration treatment uses no harsh chemicals only natural ways to treat and kill all lice and nits. We use heat to dehydrate lice and nits a signature mix of natural oils to leave hair lice free. 

Don’t waste time bleaching and damaging your hair, let the professionals treat head lice effectively for you! At Lice Clinics 805 our technicians are trained to help you with all your lice removal and advice needs!