While your kids are home, have you discovered that they have HEAD LICE? Get help NOW. While we have to hold off doing our #1 famous treatment, our clinic is offering home delivery, shipping or curbside pick up! It is 100% effective when used properly and safe commercial grade oil to start treatment at home immediately.

We know that being quarantined is bad enough, but doing so with head lice can add more stress and anxiety. Please don’t use the over-the-counter poisons that are dangerous to your children.

We are doing everything we can to keep our employees paid full wages and to ensure our community stays lice free during this time. We are offering to take orders over the phone at 805-334-0951 x1 and deliver to homes by drop off and offer no direct contact. Or, shipping if you’re out of the area.

If you need a head lice treatment kit that really works or head lice treatment advice, please call us 805-334-0951 x1. Also, we ask that you share this information with anyone who has children. Please stay safe out there and follow the social distancing and protection guidelines. We will all get through this and we will reopen soon!